Home o home, where art thou?

Denver, I can’t hear you. I can’t heeeeeearrrrr you!

What is it about Denver that makes securing housing so difficult?

I was informed of this by the motel’s assistant manager several days ago when I was debating whether to continue with the daily rate in return for flexibility and freedom to take a space if one appear or to commit to a week’s stay at the weekly rate. (Incidentally, as a seasoned mover, I’d never been put in the position of mulling weekly rates …)

“Houses, vacant apartments, shared rentals … I’ve had people arrive certain they’ll find something within several days and a month later they’re still here, looking …” informed/cautioned Carla.

I was undecided about that statement’s accuracy.

No longer.

I’ve been digging through craiglist like a miner with a pick. Responded to more ads than you could shake a stick at.

And still: bupkus

Securing housing’s been as successful as opening a can of tuna with your teeth.

Saw one place. Nice, nice guy, nice part of town but rent/utilities exceed my (tight) budget

Heck, in the urgent need to lower expenses, even placed a couple craiglist ads myself! – one offering $10 a night for space on someone’s couch or floor since in my Boy Scout preparedness I brought along the air mattress.

The hush is deafening.

I actually began looking for living spaces when I was in Washington and the trend/phenomenon I noticed then continues: People not responding.

It’s not that there’s a dearth of housing; it’s a dearth of response.

And to my experience, this Denver Deafness, I’ll call it, is unique and peculiar.

Motel Carla is right on the money.

And I’m one of the crowd (never a position I like) … one of those who like many before me arrived certain that in the wealth of living spaces, I’d secure something within a few days.

Not long until I’ll be having my mail forwarded here.

What is goin’ on in Denver housing?!?

Meanwhile, the motel cost gluttonously consumes the Get Out of Jail (Not Free) fund for which I worked so diligently and painfully for two years.

It truly pains me to see and have that happen.

Though I’m trying my best to stay calm and trusting, I am freaking out.

= =

On a more positive note, I thank the several of you who expressed good wishes upon my exit. Though not necessarily widely perceived or evident, this was a life-changing occurrence of a scale and magnitude exceeding even marriage, imho. The comments were appreciated.

= = =

In a nutshell, looking for Denver housing:


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