all’s well that started darkly …

Well, that’s a nice surprise.

My former landlords refunded me my entire deposit, keeping none of the three days’ rent for July as agreed upon, and included a nice lil’ not saying, “Thanks for being an excellent tenant.”

I left the place not only in far better condition than when I’d moved in but spotless. I mean spotless. Scrubbed from top to bottom, leaving neither hair nor particle of dust that couldn’t be humanely removed.

Fingertip for dust along the baseboards?

Don’t bother. I got ’em all.

In the hard-to-reach corner beneath the tub?

Cleaned by fully outstretched hand on my belly.

Not that they’d check or notice.

They knew they wouldn’t have to lift a finger to clean for the next tenant.

In the three years I lived there, they knew me as an exceptionally diligent, conscientious, responsible and communicative tenant.

For example, when I observed a problem or issue in the building, I brought it to their attention with a note.

Always paid my rent on time.

Picked up trash outside the building. Helped keep common areas tidy.

Kept the apartment if not immaculate, pretty damn close.

I was in every sense of the word a model tenant.

I’ve a philosophy by which I deeply abide. No matter how much landlords might fail in their responsibilities, neglect the place, treat me badly, screw me over and on and on — in short, no matter how ugly or acrimonious the parting — I would NEVER leave a place in anything but mint condition.

That’s a bold statement, particularly in view of my observations and experience with renters who actively, angrily or revengefully TRASH a place, or simply leave with no regard for the space, after they’ve been evicted because THEY failed to pay the rent!

Ripping out a toilet? Leaving crap all over because you’re pissed at the landlord? Such hostile attacks on apartments seemed childish and one way to incur bad karma to me. I don’t get it.

I digress only because spaces and places are so near and dear to me. It’s nice to be acknowledged for being an excellent tenant because I really do care and strongly value a “clean” high-road departure, whatever the ending.

Their show of appreciation is gas money in the car.

And I appreciate that. Need that.

That and a place to live.

No rats. No ghosts. No tiny windows and lack of light. No dark consuming spirits thank you very much. 🙂


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