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When Youse Gotta Go, Youse Gotta Go

Words to live by. And when you gotta gas up, you gotta gas up … and stations in the middle of wherever can pretty much set prices wherever they damn well please.

Still, even at the mom-n-pop locations, I paid a little to a lot less for gas through Idaho, Utah and Colorado than in Washington, where prices are high thanks to the state’s gas tax of about 38 cents per gallon, the third highest in the nation.

Last I fueled up in Pierce County, Washington, gas was about $3.67 a gallon.

So imagine how far and hard my jaw dropped when yesterday I pulled up to fuel up for the first time at the local Costco:


That’s the lowest I’ve seen it anywhere!

That’s how it’s been, folks … generally 30 to 35 cents cheaper than what I was accustomed to paying.

Definitely cheaper to gas up in Colorado!

Cheap Thrills, Cheaper Cheers!

And the payoff for the move keep rollin’ in.

Said Costco just opened its adjoining liquor store so I went in for a look-see. Just to look, not buy, tempted though I be celebrate arrival with a bottle of rye whiskey.

Which they didn’t have.

But they did have this favorite:

Mind you, that’s the large (1.75 ml) bottle. Retails for $39.99 at the SW Denver Costco; in Washington, same bottle would run about $50 or more. That’s because the state’s the sole distributor and retailer of hard liquor and imposes a 52% markup on prices.

Definitely cheaper to sip the spirits in Colorado!

Speaking of Spirits …

I remarked on the blog prior that I’d be curious to see how I slept once I was out of that apartment, which in the three years was a source of unrelenting insomnia, nightmares, sleep disturbances and unrest.

Guess what guys.

I’ve slept soundly as a baby … with one exception and that’s only because I was too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to exchange the uber floppy thin motel pillows for my good pillow in the car.

I’ve encountered neither nightmare nor psychic-psychological disturbance from the environment this entire week out!

I’d said I was curious how the sleep would go once out. Curiosity satisfied. One life down, eight to go …

Definitely sounder sleep anywhere but back there!

They Call ‘Em Roos

The Subaru. And they are prevalent here in Colorado! (as well as Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington …)

This fact was brought home in a new way when Saturday I stopped for coffee in Glenwood Springs, a mountain town between Grand Junction and Denver.

I came outta the cafe at the shopping center and couldn’t remember where I’d parked the car.

So I began circling and walking up and down the rows (no fun as I was carrying and wearing a heavy load). Seemed that every third car was a Subaru! And with every spotting of a white one, I thought “there she is!” … only to discover it was one that looked just like mine!

I trod that lot lugging that load for 15 damn minutes with horrible visions of auto thieves dancing in my head. (I stayed in fearful crime-infested Tacoma WAY too long!)

I finally found her of course.

Am reminded of when I lived in southern New Mexico, not far from the Texas border. Saw one “Roo” during my entire stay (six months).

And THAT was a Subaru in a parking lot with out-of-state plates! I actually stuck around to strike up a conversation with those … Subaru-ites?

Definitely amongst kindred cars here ..

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

And that door be literal.

Finding a home’s the next, and highest, order of business. I’ve got a few of contenders (shared rentals) to view today. One I feel exceptionally good and excited about, one possibly an answer to my (literal) prayers.

The flow of the move and arrival has been simply amazing .

It teaches and reminds that when things are meant to be and are for your good, they work and support … and when they’re no no longer good or meant to be, no amount of breathing into a dead horse’s nostrils will revive the animal.

Definitely an improved, and improving, quality of life …

Bare Feet, Love Beads and a Mantra

Go with the flow. Go with the flow. Go with the flow. Hold the hallucinogenics.

Definitely still a hippie chick.

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  1. longeyesamurai
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 19:24:31

    Surely this “Colorado” is a wondrous place. You make me “red” with envy. 🙂


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