Freedom day 2

A day beginning with sunshine is good. A day beginning with sunshine and friendship is the best.

So starts Day 2, a rendevoux with a compadre from my Idaho era circa 2002-04. A leisurely brunch at the Breakfast Club in charming downtown Moscow (Idaho) turns into a full afternoon of conversation at Sisters’ Cafe down the street.

It is good, all good; as I head down Jackson in a drive toward southern Idaho, I think, “I can’t remember the last time I had such a stimulating engaging conversation in Tacoma.” Perhaps never! (halfhearted ha)

I cannot ask for better weather. Crystal blue skies, uninterrupted sun and summer temperatures in the 80’s have greeted and followed every leg thus far: Tacoma-Moscow, then Moscow to McCall, Idaho.

And the roads, oooooh, lemme tell you, they’ve been dreamy!

Minimal traffic and not uncommonly long stretches with no one ahead or behind. I love that!! If I’m to be joined, I don’t mind as much someone behind as in front; it blocks the view of the open highway, plus introduces the concern of stopping distances.

No, the wide open highway is the one for me and I’ve been receiving them in spades!

Seriously, I could not ask for better driving conditions!

However, I COULD ask for a functioning fuel gauge!

Around the halfway point on day 1, amidst the desolate low rolling green hills of eastern Washington, the gauge began plummeting. With no evidence of a fuel leak or trail, I panicked with thoughts of: There’s no gas station in sight. I’m in the middle of high desert with no one around. No AAA card. Car fully loaded. What am I gonna do if I run outta gas?

The reasoning logical self, meanwhile, intervened: There’s no way you’re losing or burning fuel to near empty, you’ve gone not even 200 miles on a full tank.

Still …

Talk about a roadtrip killjoy!

A half hour of careful observation of the needle as I sped amongst the gentle hills led to only one conclusion: the fuel gauge was erratic and unreliable!

Result: frequent fill-ups and top offs and recording of mileage at every gas station. A Band-Air solution and it could be so much worse.

Such is the sole glich on an otherwise pristine journey. My extensive research of motels has surely paid off! Each room both nights offered exactly what I intended and sought: clean comfort, affordability (budget) and safety for self and Subaru.

I close this morning’s entry with a thought of sunshine and frienship and as ever a prayer for continued safety and protection and guidance from above as I journey onward, one spin of a tire at a time.


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