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A potpourri if you please …

Topic Un: Ruing Rudeness

It’s scary how ridiculously rude people have become on craiglist.

Cyberspace and computers afford a facelessness and anonymity that for many translates into behaviors of “I don’t see or hear you, you don’t exist” and “I can do as I please with no regard for the person invisible on the other end.”

I rue the rudeness that has become our society in cyberspace and on craiglist.

It’s way too easy to be mannerless and discourteous! Too easy and too common.

Yesterday a woman emailed strong interest in my dining table set. Email dialogue ensued. She wanted to stop by with her daughter after this time or that time. The table is for her. Her daughter works at the theater and is going to Gonzaga in August.

The relevance of that information I do not know.

I like the sound of that: going to Gonzaga. I’m going to adopt it as my lingo for craigslist no-shows. Those respondents who either don’t show up at scheduled visits — and ohhhhh yeah, it happens! — or those who express strong interest in an item and then just disappear without word or response to queries about whether they’re still interested.

They’ve gone to Gonzaga.

And left the good folks just trying to sell something on craigslist hanging.

Topic Deux: From Static to Skype

One more positive in nature. I have a phone interview with a media organization in my distant destination this afternoon. That I have the interview is testament to my persistence. It does pay off sometimes. Poor Patti in HR heard from me — a lot!

The original plan was a 30-minute interview that includes a test in current events, national and international.

We needed to abruptly change course in midstream when one caller after another to my cell phone reported that they could barely hear me through the static and breaking up.

That does not for a good interview or test make.

So Patti and I scrambled for other options. The interview shall now be done by Skype. I’d claim confidence in solid knowledge of current events but that’d be lying. I’ll do my best in gratitude of an interview. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one, by telephone or in person and as yet never by Skype …

Topic trois: Here Comes the Sun. Ideally.

Will she or won’t she … have a yard sale this weekend.

I’ve been closely tracking the weather forecasts for accuracy. There is only one conclusion: The forecasters are utterly useless and have the best job in the world! Where else can one be wrong 99% of the time and still be paid well!?

The best approach I see is to either post the yard sale ad on craigslist with the disclaimer “rain cancels” or to wake up, see what the weather’s like and if conducive for a sale post an ad that morning … like twittering (which I don’t do, neither Facebook) but via craiglist … and hope for the best.

Topic Quatre: The Stars Say

Just because I liked today’s horoscope (like I’ve said, I’m Pisces but I subscribe to Cancer’s because that’s my rising sign and therefore mirrors the planets’ positions in my natal chart):

“You are eager to show your boss and co-workers that you can take charge, for it seems like lately they have drawn a different conclusion. Remember, you don’t really have to prove yourself to anyone.

“All you need to do is recognize what happens as you push beyond your self-doubt and do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, you are capable of being the biggest obstacle to your own success. Get out of your way and allow your intuition to guide you toward your future.”


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  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 17:56:49

    I think an awful lot of us could do with “getting out of our own way” – at least you’re willing to take the chance and make a change!


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