the ignition’s turned, the engine warms

The turning wheel advances another notch this week.

I was misinformed. Last Thursday wasn’t the final day of tutoring the unpleasant child.

Today is. Today ends the tutoring for all students.

There’ll be no textbooks, only fun and games like cards and hangman. The kids really like that. As do I and the other teacher.

I’m ready for this page, brief though it be, to close. Can’t complain. Overall, it’s been a pleasurable and enjoyable five-month tutoring run. Moved slow as molasses sometimes. Working four hours a week doesn’t much fill the time.

I really liked the laid-back atmosphere, my coworker (head teacher) and most of the students. I was able to do what I do and be who I am without interference and oppressive controls from dickhead or hurtful bosses. I wasn’t degraded, demeaned, disregarded or punished and that was nice. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do work I really enjoy and am good at and is personally meaningful and relevant.

Nice also to have a wage closer to what my skills and experience are worth. Minimum wage is the shits when I’ve so much to offer and contribute. I’ve swum in the sewer much too long.

Curious whether my student J. will throw one of his bizarre tantrums. Be nice to have one session – and the last – free of the drama. I won’t hold my breath and whatever he does, I don’t engage anyhow. Life goes on.

Indeed it does.

With the tutoring hours from completion, the path is clear for the exit.

I aspire to have my yard sale this weekend and unload most of what’s left, including furniture.

The problem with Juneuary – no, not a typo but local recognition that June can be as cool, dreary and gray as June – is that there’s no predicting the weather. The forecasters are useless. It could easily be cold and rainy … or gray and dry … or if we’re lucky sunny.

So scheduling a yard sale (and outdoor activities generally) in June is risky. Hence I’ll be posting a craigslist ad with the disclaimer: Rain cancels.

If it sale happens, by this time next week, things’ll look pretty dang different around here. It’ll be an apartment in the clear state of dismantling.

Where there was a table or shelf, there’ll be boxes as proxies. The tired dingy walls will be stripped of the handful of photos that remain, highlighting their weariness. Kitchen cupboards will be emptied of their minimum wares.

There’ll be little to clean beyond a mop or quick rag. I’ve lived in a constant state of readiness to leave for two years, thus the fine details of deep cleaning before vacating have been tended to on an ongoing basis. Even the top of the baseboards are cleared of dust.

All part of the plan so that in the final push, as the baby’s head crowns, I could devote my energy to the clearing, packing and moving without the weight and time of cleaning.

So quite soon I may be sitting pretty with little but a bed and TV (both  going at the very end) and those things going with me!

I like it.


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