on beads seeds, boys who won’t be boys and beasts

A thousand bucks you won’t guess what these are:

Here’s a hint: Soak in water for eight hours.

Still stumped?

They’re water beads for plants! And lemme say, they feel nuthin’ like the marbles you expect when knowing not what they are you plunge your hand into the big sample bowl! They feel like eyeballs. Or water-logged grapes.

This is just one of the many rainbow sightings at yesterday’s gay parade and festival in Olympia.

After soaking the seeds for eight hours, you place the gelatinous blobs on the soil of potted plants or inside containers for bouquets or water-rooted plants, such as bamboo.

They slowly release their water and shrivel, at which point you simply gather up and resoak. They last two years and are very reasonably priced too. What a pretty deal!

Boys will be boys – until they won’t.

After I snapped his photo, this striking fella asked whether I’m on Facebook (for pic distribution). I’m not. My blip of a blog occupying cyberspace must suffice.

Plenty of beasts present too. I mean ones on leashes. I mean those with four legs. And one with two.

Goat guy stood {ahem} heads above the rest. He didn’t make his springy stilts; he did the feathers.

I’m off to spread the rainbow. Buh-bye babes, bitches ‘n’ boys.


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