tick tick tick goes the tutoring time

I had an entirely different post brewing in my brain … until I realized that this week marks the unofficial close of my tutoring gig.

I’ve not posted once on this gig of the past 4-1/2 months!

Reckon that that has as much to do with the gig — @ a mere four hours a week, it registers as only a blip on my radar screen — as my disinclination to write about the individuals and people in my personal life.

Don’t misunderstand, my silence on the tutoring gig isn’t to be misinterpreted as a statement about its value and significance. I’m very grateful for this gig, blip though it be. I enjoy tutoring, I’m good at it and admit that the pleasure is increased exponentially when the student is bright, engaged and/or motivated; otherwise it feels like a waste of my talents and time, and theirs.

I also appreciate this gig as the only employment on the resume since 2008.

Yes. 2008. Not a typo. 2008. The year the nightmare began.

Be that as it is, Thursday does mark the unofficial end to this gig, started in January.

Unofficial because while it concludes the tutoring for my sole student (more on that in a moment), there’s another student for whom the sessions continue for another week or so, requiring the presence of both teachers.

Anyhow, the end’s near and as far as my student is concerned, hallelujah! I am ready!

Personally, I don’t much like this student. He’s a first-grade boy, a brat and a bully. Arrogant as all get-out, a thickheaded know-it-all and a drama queen of the first order! It’s never a question of if but when he’ll have at least one tantrum and/or meltdown in our session.

Boy do those two hours pass slowly! Often have I been tempted to cross the cafeteria to jiggle the clock to see whether it’s broken or time really can come to a complete halt after all.

Certain things have led me to wonder whether there’s a chemical imbalance happening.

Or someone has him on medication, in keeping with America’s modern view of attributing childhood behaviors to ADD, ADHD or yada yada yada and medications as solutions when the real solution lies in responsible, sound parenting.

Or he’s just weird

Or he’s a thug in the making.

Or he’s a future actor.  What a rama queen!

Whatever’s goin’ on with him, it’s specific to him; his two sisters who also receive tutoring are comparatively sane and normal. Red flags are raised only with J.

Every sessions closes with me heaving a huge sigh of “thank god that’s over!!” Or “I need a drink.”

J.’s a bright kid (all the kids in the family are) and cause for watching. Already he’s been spotted as a troublemaker at school, warned numerous times and suspended at least once for hitting.

So yeah, I’m relieved the end’s close. I may not like much J. but I’ll remember him. I won’t be surprised to see him on a TV screen or stage in 15 years.

Or on a wanted poster at the post office.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 19:18:24

    It’s amazing how some kids push our buttons. I guess most kids do at some stage, but then there’s the others who are…


  2. Flamingo Dancer
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 21:43:10

    I must admit I have looked at more than one student and pegged them as a wife beater, or a conman, in later years! Do you think you will do more tutoring in the new school year?


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