afternoon talk show, channel 4, in 2014

Read a Rock.

You know the When God Winks books and others similar, the short, charming and easy-to read books of ditties that inspire and uplift?

Read a Rock.

That’s the title if I write such a book.

It’s perfect!

I can already see the stage and hear the TV talk-show host: “What inspired you? And why the name?”

Why, Irene, I was walking through the Transit Plaza of old downtown Tacoma and noticed this giant rock.

From a distance it looked like {air quotes} any ol’ rock. Then when I got to it, I noticed this wonderful inscription circling over the entire surface of the rock, which measured about 4 feet wide. Words in a spiral springing from the center.

I happened to have my camera so I photographed the stone, taking care to get one of the name inscribed at the end.

Went home, researched the name and discovered it is one of a very talent artist by the name of Douglas Granum. A man with a 40-year creative career in stone, glass and paint. And I shared my discovery with the world on my blog.

And the rest is history. The book is a written and visual record and collection of the many rocks discovered, you might say. You know you’ve found one by the little-kid excitement you feel … the curiosity … the who, what, where, when or why that bubbles and boils … that effervescent curiosity.

What appeared to be little more than a mundane rock proved to be anything but. It was a doorway to discovery and learning.

And that for me is what life is about! Your mileage may vary.

“So Read a Rock is to … inspire?”

That’s right, Irene, very much so. It is to inspire people to go into the world, however banal, flat, mundane or uninteresting it may appear through the lens of our routines and ruts, and be open to … the magical. The thing not seen before though is it {quote} seen every day.

And a rock is the perfect symbol and metaphor for this process. How many people would feel excited if they were told “go look at rocks?” Not many unless they’re geologists.

{audience laughter}

“Yet therein lie the message, meaning and purpose of the book. In the most mundane and {air quotes} boring and things taken for granted lies a potential surprise! Discovery. Learning.

Read a Rock.

Sometimes a rock is just a rock … and sometimes it is the door to a discovery. I encourage the Christopher Columbus in every one and then — and here’s a key part — to share that expanded world. It’s through that sharing that we all learn that the world isn’t flat after all.

“Fascinating. Your book can be found at bookstores and on Amazon and other online retailers. {holds up copy} Thank you so much for coming to talk with us. {shakes hands}”

My pleasure! And thank you.

“Come back when your next book is out. Any hint what it’ll be titled?”

Only the gremlins in the rocks know, Irene … {wink}

“We’ll be right back with …” {fade to commercial }

And there you have it folks. If ever that book sees the light of day, you can say you were there witnessing the birth of a tender sprig of green pushing up through the rock.


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  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:48:45

    *applaudes from afar*


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