… looks like a lady, mmm mmmm mmmm ….

One guess who {ahem} walked this way into my dream last night?

Righto! Steven Tyler of Aerosmith himself!

It was a very long dream, fun and playful and not subject to public analysis. ‘Twas the most entertaining adventure enjoyed during a sound slumber in some time!

As it happened, yesterday I also found Tyler’s newest tome, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” on my Costco’s shelves … and priced at a tasty savings from the list price too.

Ohhhh, was I tempted, so tempted! I just know it’d be a fun wild read through an unconventional life.

Alas, my budget affords no room for such luxuries.

So I put it back down pledging to check at the library. It’s not yet available but it’s been ordered and I’m first on the wait list. Hopefully it’ll arrive before I leave.

I like Tyler. Do I think he’s a mother—— diva? Sure I do! And he’s also sweet and funny and an overly romantic softie and a survivor with the constitution of an ox, charm and a knack for reinvention and keeping things fresh, alive and interesting.

And his fashions, oh, I do loooove them! His scarves collection alone is the envy of many a lady.

So the dude who looks like the lady can strut into my nightlife any ol’ time … into my {you know it’s comin’} dream {on} …


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DJ
    May 08, 2011 @ 13:48:12

    *Screams* Dream on! Dream on! Dream until your dreams comes true!

    *guitar riff*

    It has been some time since I’ve jammed to Aerosmith. But a Steven Tyler dream? Better you than me. 😀


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