got a photographer’s eye? swing by.

Your {ahem} view is wanted.

I’m an anti-clutter nazi.

And I subject my laptop to the same regular and rigorous declutterings as my abode. I’ll never be one of the folks with 1,000 vacation photos. I’d sift through, keep the quality and dump the rest.

My abode’s in the heart of Tacoma’s original settlement. The area’s thick with spirits and hauntings; Wright Park, across the street, is no exception.

One recent evening as I was returning from a photo tour and following the path through the spooky and spooked historic park, I was arrested by the sighting of quintessential Tacoma: Spirits and Hauntings.

These were taken within moments of one another as dusk’s colors and shades rapidly shifted and faded.

Recognizing that at least a couple of you have a good eye, I’d like your opinion. As you bear in mind this Moment of Spirits and Hauntings, please share which two photos you like best – and why, if you care to share – and which can be trashed. Merci. And boo!


lamp 1


lamp 2


lamp 3


lamp 4


lamp 5


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lauren
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 17:40:28

    I like #4 best. Nice angle, shows some good color.


  2. allycatadventures
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 17:48:42

    @Lauren – And what’s your second choice please?


  3. Erin Michel
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 21:06:34

    My top 2:

    #4 has the best composition; it isn’t quite centered and even though the lamp is the focus, it really draws you to focus on the tree detail and the gradient in the sky.

    #1 is really beautiful. The lamp is totally lost in the pic, but I think it works well enough with the color of the sky. The over-all effect is really nice and I like it a lot.

    Although I like to clean out files, too, my take on storing/deleting photos is that there’s really no need because we live in a digital world. There is no real clutter. Just create organized files!

    That being said, and knowing that you’re going to trash some anyway πŸ˜‰ I think that these could go:

    #5 is too centered, and it’s… well, it’s a little phallic.

    #3 appears that the lamp and tree in the background blend into each other and it’s hard to see what’s going on.


    • allycatadventures
      Mar 25, 2011 @ 22:50:02

      @Erin – Thanks for the votes! Since the lamp wasn’t intended as the focus in any of the pictures but a part of the overall mood, I concur that no. 1 is nice. Personally I don’t especially like no. 2 and 3 as, as you also noticed in the latter, the lamp post falls in direct line with the background tree trunk, which depletes the mood of the trees.

      The “phallic” quality of no. 5 is solely in the eye of the beholder (that would be you – lol); the thought never entered my mind until you mentioned it; even as I look at it again from that perspective, I still don’t see it. πŸ™‚

      As for clutter, digital counts, for me; your mileage will vary. πŸ˜‰

      Back to the pics, by the way, it’s amazing how quickly the light and colors faded. Had I shown up even a minute later, none of those pics would’ve been possible!


  4. longeyesamurai
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 16:04:02

    Really loved how the lamp and the tree seems to be intermingled on #3.

    As for my second pic(k), I would go for #4 as it seems to be the one that bests capture the spirit of the moment.


    • allycatadventures
      Mar 27, 2011 @ 12:12:51

      @Capra – Thanks for playing! No. 4 shot is in the lead … and no. 3 is an interesting split in the favoring/disfavoring of the mingling of lamp post and trunk. Perhaps there’s more subjective view than science to photography after all! – lol


  5. Wild_Bill
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 17:27:02

    Lamp 4. It’s a very nicely framed shot. Top, side, and bottom. Very nice contrast.


  6. fotografzahl
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 04:17:20

    I’d say #1 and #3.
    In #1 the lamp is not too dominating, but still part of the image.
    In #2 I like that the lamp is not directly in the center.
    It’s all a matter of taste…

    When it comes to sorting/organizing pictures I try to apply a rule of third (which is not cast in stone, of course – it really depends on the kind of session/subject):
    Try to keep one third (maximum) and sort out the rest.
    Then go through everything again after one or two days.


  7. fotografzahl
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 04:17:54

    Ah, sorry, in my explanation please replace #2 with #3…


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