sticks and stones may break your bones

but pissed-off notes pack a punch …

If you’re an upbeat person with a rosy view of people, move along.

If not and you’ve got a sense of humor, you’re in for entertainment, if not some measure of enlightenment, at passiveaggessivenotes.

As the name suggests, the site, based in Austin, Texas, features “funny (if not necessarily ‘passive-aggressive’) notes from pissed-off people.”

Roommates from hell. Obnoxious neighbors. Coworkers stealing your lunch from the fridge. Precocious children ticked off at parents. Laundry thieving. Unfriendly feuds.

All that and a bag many bags of chips comprise this depository of notes by the infuriated, the inflexible, the irate, the irascible and the insane, if but temporarily.

A sampling:

1. If life gives you lemons, for God’s sake don’t use Comic Sans!

1. In Seattle, “office professionalism” seems to have no bearing on freedom of speech…as long as you use the right typeface, of course:

2. Daddy, why are all the cages empty?

You’re a zookeeper. You’re sick of answering the same damn question all day long. How do you handle it?

Well, there’s the PC approach …

the pedantic approach …

And then there’s my personal favorite, the German approach; (ditto – ed.):

And from my neck of the woods:

3. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Call of Duty 4 on pause

Jack and Sarah in Tacoma, Washington both spotted this note taped to the window of a coffee shop outside the Fort Lewis military base in Tillicum. While I particularly enjoy the slow crescendo of this note, I’m not sure the manager of the H&R Block across the street would feel the same.


4. Don’t take this the wrong way but mind your own damn business.

Our Bay-Area submitter returned from lunch one day to find this note from an anonymous concerned coworker.

“I’ll admit that I’ve gained about 15 pounds recently,” she says. However, “At 4′11 and normally around 95 pounds, even with the extra 15 I’m still within an acceptable weight range for my height.” But the real kicker, says our submitter?

“I’m also 5 months pregnant. I just haven’t made a big deal about it by talking incessantly about it or demanding special treatment like I’m God’s gift to the world just because I got myself knocked up.”

Please don't take this the wrong way, I am just concerned for your health. Have you considered Weight Watchers? I lost 20lb that way!!! We even have a program here at work. Tues @ Noon - hope to see you there! :)

(So, uh, I think that’s a no, she won’t be seeing you there.)


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kloppenmum
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 00:15:47



  2. fotografzahl
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 01:24:14

    That’s awesome! *lol*
    Thanks for sharing these!

    About the note meant for the pregnant girl:
    This reminds me when I met a girl that I hadn’t seen for some time. I swear, she looked as if she was pregnant again. I was about to ask her which month she is in right now, then it dawned on me that I should just say nothing.
    Later I found out she was _not_ pregnant but just gained a lot of weight.
    *Ouch*, this could have gone bad, I’m glad I didn’t say anything…
    So basically the other way round as the story of that note.


    • allycatadventures
      Mar 07, 2011 @ 11:25:02

      @fotografzhal – Yeah, I used to work with a woman who carried her excess weight around the midriff. She looked sorta constantly pregnant. And so when she *did* eventually become with child, you couldn’t tell until she was many months in!


  3. stupido63
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 05:17:16

    Reminds me of a note I found on my computer one morning from my supervisor.



  4. fatcatfromvox
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 11:58:57

    hehe, lovely! *goes off to browse*


  5. Erin Michel
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 14:44:33

    “Also, I will shoot you in the fucking face.”


    My husband particularly likes the Comic Sans remark.


  6. bizemom
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 17:04:28

    That post made me LOL! GREAT STUFF (note the Caps 🙂


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