Comcast comes through

No one’s more surprised than I to pen those words!

Regular readers will recall a recent post, Cursed Comcast.

Wow, never in a million years would I have thought there’d appear this comment:

We apologize for the experience. We’d like to discuss this further with you to assist. Please feel free to contact us, provide your account and a link to this page.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Then a compadre unearthed this interesting piece about Comcast trolling the Net for disgruntled customers to extend a helping and resolving hand.

Followed up and received within days from Ms. S. in Executive Customer Care a lengthy and explanatory email pertinent to my account that contained as well some very sweet promo offers. Wow! Another surprise!

Sweetest of them is a return to their high-speed Internet — for an unbeatable $19.99 a month! As one who spends oodles of time online, I can’t tell you the immense relief and gratification in freedom from the Sludge Swamp Speed and return to the Moving River!

Was the upgrade noticeable? Oh yeah! Immediately! All those frequent forced quits: ended. Motion. Flow. Movement again. Love love love it!!

My time on their Economy Internet Plan learned me this: I won’t do it again. The grief, the frustration, the aggravation, in my case the constant Forced Quits (can’t be good for a computer, never mind peace of mind!) aren’t worth the Economy rate/small savings.

My take is that unless your surfing’s limited to text sites and emails, you’re buying a whole lotta grief on Comcast Internet Economy. Find another carrier selling a functional speed at a better price.

All said …

There’s no denying that public unhappiness with Comcast runs wide, thick and deep and for legitimate reasons.

I’m a fair person who gives credit where credit is due so here it is.

It’s smart and savvy of Comcast, and for that fact any large service carrier and corporation, to troll the communications spheres for disgruntled customers.

It’s smart of Comcast to do so with the goal of attempted reconciliation and rectification.

It’s cool that they stepped forward and will address issues at the executive service level.

It’s most excellent that they walked the mile and extended a very sweet deal. My bank account likes it. More importantly, I like it, particularly as one with a heavy dependence on the Internet. (Reminder: Economy Plan: Nyet! Stay out of the mud, get into the river!)

And while they’re not entirely redeemed in my eye, Comcast, through these actions, has certainly moved in the positive direction and engendered some goodwill.

And goodwill, above all, is primary, fundamental and where it’s at for any business. Any. Goodwill lost is very hard to restore. Goodwill retained returns rewards.

I applaud Comcast for making that effort. Really. Kudos to them.

Last but not least, this story/experience exemplifies what I’ve long said, written of, preached or endeavored to teach: When there’s a problem with a business, a company, a product, a service, speak! Speak up!

(1) The act of speaking up is all. Speak up because it’s right, fair and just to do so.
(2) Do not speak up with a expectation of a predetermined response. Speak up and let it go. Allow the company to respond or not.
(3) The response of a company/manager speaks volumes. It reveals and informs. Listen to it. Taste it. Feel it. Study it. Hold it to a standard.
(4) Note: A lack of response IS a response. (I’ve got stories there!)
(5) The response dictates your wise choice as to whether to continue or discontinue bringing them your business and dollars.

Speak up. In the higher realms, no harm ever comes of it. And sometimes — witness this Comcast story — the results surprise and please and return win-win for all.


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  1. mkirkd
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 09:26:23

    Yea that is so great that you now have a faster internet service at a great price!


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