Dougie Elva Goes Left

Today’s Dougie numbers elva — that’s 11 in Swedish.

For the uninitiated, latecomers and plain confused, Dougie is the name (some might say clever name) that I’ve given to the daily creative prompts I’m pilfering from the blog of Doug, who is drawing ’em from “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” by Noah Scalin.

Thing 11: Work on the other hand. If you’re right-handed, work with your left and vice-versa.

Today’s sucky art is inspired by a cool and unfamiliar word delivered by Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day. What better way to reinforce retention than by writing it — albeit badly.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doug
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 17:33:24

    I started ululating like crazy when I saw this!


  2. allycatadventures
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 18:00:44

    @Doug – lol, I’m not surprised since the word means to wail, as in to cry loudly (ex: a widow ululating in grief) and my sketches, even with my strong hand, have never won awards! ;D


  3. lexiemom
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 05:20:24

    That’s WAY better than I could’ve done with my left hand!


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