Faux resolutions. For those who can’t commit.

I’m kidding.

First let me ask: Have you resolved to lose weight or get in shape?

Join the crowd. That’s the top New Year’s resolution.

Quit smoking.
Get out of debt.
Save or make more money.
Get organized.
Spend more time with family or friends.
Volunteer or give more.
Return to school/further education.

Also in the top 10.

I don’t do resolutions — except I resolve not to do resolutions.

Perhaps you don’t either.

Hence the faux resolutions. They’re the resolutions that you or I might do if we did resolutions.

I prefer to think of resolutions as goals, aspirations, hopes, things I’d like to achieve or see accomplished in the next calendar year.

Resolutions, faux or real, above all have gotta be reasonable. I might aspire to be an astronaut on the next flight to the moon. Will it happen? Of course not. So I satisfy my “ambition” by reading books by astronauts who’ve made the journey.

So what are my faux resolutions?

The one that stands out clearly and heads above the rest isn’t for the blog.

The second one {ponders}. Ah yes. Sunshine. With a capital S.

The sunshine level in the Pacific Northwest is far far too low for my constitution and well-being, seriously and dangerously low.

I must get out. I resolve to get out. I resolve to go and to go far. Actually, I resolved to get out back in 2009. I’ve simply not had the means. So I’ve remained trapped, stuck and deeply suffering for it.

This year is the year that brings my release. 2011 delivers my Get Out of Jail (Not Free) Card.

I’ve more goals and ambitions percolating within. None takes precedence like getting out of this dismal climate and into Sunshine. Indeed, all other goals are wholly dependent on my doing so.

So those are my faux resolutions. Not so faux after all.

Share yours. I’m always interested in what my readers most of my readers think!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lauren
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 15:59:55

    I am resolving to knit more for me and to better myself spiritually.
    If you want sun and are not opposed to heat, come to Florida. Sun, we have in spades.


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