Yo man, slip me half a yard

Don’t call me Allycat or Waterbaby.

Just call me 631128. For today.

That’s the number across my striped black-and-white jailhouse garb.

Tonight I’m attending a massive Halloween potluck-party; some 70 folks RSVP’d yes (yikes!)

Costumes aren’t mandatory. I’ll be frank. These years of hardship have taken a toll, rendered me unrecognizable, a shell of my former self, discombobulated, depressed, dispirited, down, depleted. The spirit of Halloween, my most favorite holiday of the year, seemed as etherically out of reach and nebulous as the ghosts who inhabit my apartment (seriously). So the plan was to attend the party non-costumed and bring a creepy dish.

Until last night.

I’m at the thrift store for a bowl for the potluck dish when I browse through costumes. There are none for adults but a spark is ignited.

I DO love Halloween, dang it! Some fun is just what I need. And if it means spending $10 (no small sum) for a party costume on my favorite day of the year, then so be it.

The hour’s late so I dash to the nearest thrift store, Value Village, which I don’t much like for its outrageously high prices. Have a good time looking but find nothing within my price range.

Then I dash over to the nearby Kmart. I’d just happened to hear on the radio earlier that their costumes are half off.

You might notice there’s a whole lotta dashin’ goin’ on! That’s ’cause it’s late and I wanna hit these places before they close. Turns out my dashings were for naught, stores were staying open late for the Halloween last-minuters! When did this start?!

With guarded anticipation I peruse the adult rack and peel myself up off the floor. When did prefab costumes become so expensive?! Don’t recall that I’ve ever bought a costume. Even as kids, my sister and I insisted on making our own, a trait that remained with me into adulthood.

Only the cheapest of the bunch are candidates, narrowing down the selection considerably. I tour through the hangers and find the last of this:

for display only

Bingo! Too appropriate!

Today I’ll hit the thrift stores again for a plastic ball and chain. Or a long pick. And a stick-on mustache. Old black eyeshadow will serve for 5 o’clock shadow.

As to the question on the minds of the foodies: What ghoulish dish is Allycat 631128 preparing for the potluck, you’ll have to wait for the photograph anon. I’ll only tell you what it ain’t:

prison grub

By the way, half a yard in the hed — that’s prison slang for 50 dollars. Catch, homies.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ladywise
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 14:07:39

    cute post ally, oh I’m sorry, 631128! Hope you have lots of fun!


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