Today, Sept. 15, marks the shuttering of Vox. There will be no new entries, it announced, as it prepares to pull the plug in two weeks.

Toward preserving a full body of work spanning four years and in a prayerful nod to passages, I post my final entry from there here.

closing words

This was my blogging home for four years. The last half paled against the first. The final year was atrocious. Like watering a plant that was dead or nearly so with no chance for resurrection.

While I now blog at WordPress, as Vox lies on its deathbed wheezing its last breath, I felt an epitaph in order … a moment to honor what was when the Vox community was alive and kicking and SixApart actually paid attention to its blogbaby.

I neither grieve nor mourn the Vox closure. It was, as I’ve written, but a shell of its former self, a pallid ghost floating aimlessly through hallways, knocking on door after door and opening them, only to find the rooms emptied of their former residents.

Those who stuck around might as well have been living in the old haunted hotel that stands only as a monument to its former glories or to satisfy the curiosities of tourists and delvings of ghosthunters and metaphysical investigators.

Yes, Vox is dead and I shed no tears now for they were shed already, last year as I saw my blog and the blogs around me die. The company came no more; even the once-regular bloggers popped their heads up only occasionally like the groundhog of February.

The party is over. The guests have returned home. Some have relocated to WordPress and upon encountering the challenges of the WP platform, comparatively, employed the site only as a receptacle for their Vox posts then disappeared.

Others have traveled to LiveJournal (boo! SixApart!) and any other number of blogsites.

We will lose friends, connections, readers and posters. Is that bad? Not at all. Things die. Vox died. The home it used to be had become a ramshackle shed. I for myself want better. My words seek and deserve better.

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, sayonara and cheerio, ol’ Vox. As the sun sets and as sure as the world spins, the dawn of a new day awaits. Elsewhere.

Be good to one another, each of you, for it is a cruel and cold world, brutal and rugged. May peace and kindness be with you.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aussie Emjay
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 04:59:01

    We shall see who survives the shuffle. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with WP though that’s probably best done at home, not on the road.


  2. allycatadventures
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:27:51

    The WP platform isn’t intuitive (perhaps it was designed by Windows users?! :-p) BUT that can be worked around and is mitigated by its excellent on-site instructions and support.


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