on stomachs, scarves and a spider

On a gorgeous weekend recently, gays and lesbians and anyone else came out to Out in the Park.

Though this lady lip-synched (can’t recall the song), her dramatic presence as she stepped amongst spectators on the grass couldn’t be missed. Love the hair florals!

Some guygals wear such cool hats; this one donned the head of an entertainment host(ess).

I enjoyed the bellydancing. The stage shading made for lousy photos; nonetheless, it’s riveting watching what they can do with their belly muscles. And reaffirmed that a situps regime wouldn't do me harm.

I just adore guys in good drag and marvel at their skills in footwear that would plant me flat on my face. These are pretty tame and manageable compared to the mile-high spikes I’ve seen paraded elsewhere (i.e., San Francisco).

Love the tote!

This guy waltzed about with his rainbow scarves, drawing his own audience. Wondered whether his garb's his daily wear or event outfit.



In other news:

Spiders in this apartment are frequent and small. This fella just hangin' on the kitchen wall (right below the r_ts' space, hence the plastic bag wedged into that crack) outsized his brethren. (p.s. those kitchen walls are creepy but that's another post …)


I often wonder whether home spiders prefer being indoors, perhaps dining on tiny insects on my houseplants, or outside. I may relocate spiders but never kill them.

This big bugger seemed better suited for life outdoors so I gathered him up in a plastic cup and released him into the wild.

If he returns, I’ll assume he desires to reside here and let him be. (Now were that he could play the Pied Piper of Hamelin and drive away the r_ts!)

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