stare and you just might spot that yellow submarine in these waters

In the town where I was born
lived a man who sailed to sea
and he told us of his life
in a yellow submarine …

— Beatles

Not the town where I was born …

rather, one an hour or so from where I reside … the small and charming seaside town of Steilacoom, where the original buildings are preserved (on the historical registrar) and on this second day of summer a scene out of a picture book …

Every Wednesday through summer Steilacoom holds a concert in the park and farmer’s market.

These oil cloth bags are cool and their creator sweet and chatty:

Spot the Day of the Dead bicycling skeleton?

If pressed to pick a favorite:

There's the popular face-painter:

to match his shirt?

Bouquets of sweetpeas, oh so fragrant:

And at the farmer's market I'm reminded again that be it plain or mixed with herbs, garlic or spices, no matter how I try to and want to like it, goat cheese is not for me! blech blech blech!

Ditto yogurt.

The farmer in the next booth thinks I'm taking a picture of his beef poster flapping in the breeze so he considerately holds it still. A woman says no, I think she's after the scarves. He's so thoughtful and hopeful or something, plus we end up chatting, so I say, What the hay, I'll get your poster too!  So that's how that ends up here.

Over at the park, a time warp's happenin'. Abbey Road Live's playing all Beatles tunes. The band from Georgia seems to welcome the fine weather sans humidity:


Could not have have drummed up a nicer evening or setting:

The crowd's mellow yellow:

the kids dance up a storm:

This one girl, about 8, not pictured, she had the moves, athletically prancing about, hittin’ her butt, striking poses like a model. Sometimes ya gotta wonder where they get this stuff!

Another girl around the same age, also not pictured, throws in a somersault every fourth move! It's hilarious – if not a little dizzying to watch.

Now, I don't go goo-goo gaga over kids but damn! this little dancing girl is adorable!

Dear Prudence, won’t you come out and play-hey-hey?

Named Prudence or not, we do. Thank you, Steilacoom, for a splendid event.

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