Step to the left, Dunkin’ Donuts, Texas is in town

If you’ve been to Texas, raise your hand.

If you’re STILL in Texas, raise your hand.

A small humorous reference to the grand size and legendary largesse that are Texas. If you’ve driven the Lone Star state, you know of what I speak. It goes on and on and on and on. Takes three days of dedicated rubber to the road to cross. Driving Nevada's wearying too but it's not the same. If Nevada's mind-numbing, Texas is mind-blowing.

Enough on that. Today's posting isn't about driving in Texas, a worthy topic though it be, it's about this:

The donuts at Round Rock's shop, about 20 miles up the road from Austin.

One of these 9×12 oblongs weighs in at 2 pounds of yeasty dough and equals 12 regulars. A good cup of glaze, sugar or chocolate, finishes it off.

Speaking of finishing it off, what one person could except possibly Adam Richman of Food Network's "Man vs. Food"  or a sumo wrestler?

Pony up $5.50 for one of these famed and infamous pastries that draw folks from near and far. They line up at 4 a.m. when the store opens and before the baking's even begun! Imagine a coworker showing up at the office with a box of these. In Texas, they do.

So dive in. After one of these babies, you won't wanna drive Texas but walk it!

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