We’re goin’ boom boom boom

That's the way we live.
David Byrne

Boom or bust.

The fireworks show will happen regardless. The thousands who gather along the Ruston Way shoreline are advised (by me) to tote wool wraps, thermoses of hot chocolate, spiking optional, and fireworks photos clipped from magazines. These bloated gray skies (don't discount rain!) threaten to put the "out" into the fireworks' sizzle and fizzle.

Plus this year I'm not feelin' it for the daylong Freedom Fair, which I've attended in passion for my town the past two years. I've loved Tacoma to the point of spillin' my guts on her sidewalks and I still don't get no lovin' or job back. Unrequited love happens with places too.

Whether I’ll go to the potluck shindig and show remains to be seen. The cool weather and gray skies – surprise! – ain't lightin' a fire under my butt. Perhaps I will be persuaded by copious spirits. Take that as you will.

I love the Japanese word for fireworks: hanabi

The first kanji, hana, means flower, and the second, bi, is fire.

There's no Fourth of July celebration there of course; there is however Hanabi no Hi (Day of Fireworks) in summertime. The Japanese language is poetic and evocative (and challenging to explain conceptually to Westerners). Fire Flowers. Hanabi. The sound and imagery roll over the tongue and structure of language like water.

Happy July 4th to those into it. To those who aren’t, join me at my private bar for today’s special:

We drink in the fight to preserve individual liberties and rights under assault and erosion by our socialist regime.

We drink to the American Constitution.

We drink here in the Pacific Northwest to survive a sunless summer!



  • 2 parts Grenadine
  • 2 parts Blueberry Mixer
  • 3 parts Vodka

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