Buzzin’ at Tacoma’s Hemp Fest

Tacoma threw a party. And they came.

Yesterday marked Tacoma's (that's Tacoma with a "c") first Hemp Fest. It's a scene, man. Well, not really, but fun to check out:

A wheelchair-bound man examines his new purchase:

There’s the expected tie-dyed:

glass pipes and novelties:

hookahs – for tobacco we’re assured:



There's no hemp fest without incense:

tongue bars and belly rings:

I like the bottom two:

A gal selling plastic leis, a buck a pop:

No dearth of shirts, scarves and fabrics:

or the self-adorned:

or dreds:

There are big dogs:

and little dogs – a fiesty yapper this one:

Flashback!! Are you of the age to remember these? I saw these and suddenly flashed on a shirt similar I'd had, different colors and much finer detail and with the two pockets. I'd forgotten all about that shirt! I wore that thing until it was threadbare!


And a beautiful day.

Let it be known that the blue sky pictured is a magnificent rarity; ditto the temp, around 75. (Today it’s back to the usual cool depressing gray. I've been trying to impress upon Emjay that if she'd move here, she'd never again complain about the heat. She hasn't budged.)

Cops keep an understated presence. No biggie. The crowd’s mellow, chillin’ to live tunes and sunshine and whatever else if you get my drift.

In all, the best part of Tacoma’s first hemp fest, if not also my favorite color of the day:

And undeniably the best T-shirt:

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