Touring Tacoma where ghosts – and E.T.’s – hang out

Never a shortage of cool stuff to shoot in Tacoma.

I return for the umpteenth time to old downtown, the birthplace of Tacoma. Plenty of ghosts hanging around in these parts.

Always get a chuckle passing the Bank of California in Tacoma, Washington. The bank that opened its doors in 1928 is long gone but the building stands solid.

Onward …

Onto the Dougan building of 1891. The Dougan housed a saloon, a bottling plant, coffee merchant, flour wholesaler, storage and shipping company and an Odd Fellows Hall. Now, offices.

Tacoma's a town of juxtaposition, a place where history and modern exist side by side, occasionally in tension, usually in harmony:

This building, host to screen print and embroidery, is striking red. And a bit mysterious with its white boarding and reflective windows:

… inspiring too:

Proof that I existed in Tacoma:

Lurching around with a camera, I wonder who on the other side of those mirrored windows is watching and wondering what I’m up to.

No one comes out but 15 minutes later a female employee with keys appears on the sidewalk and asks what I’m doing.

“Just taking pictures, it’s a great building.” She seems unconvinced. I move on.
Across the street, a Tacoma original housing Rock pizza.

High up in an office window. A dollmaking company? Someone with a fetish or sense of humor? A governmental ufology agency?

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