putting faces to the names

Wrapping up a tour of Tacoma’s old cemetery …

I especially enjoy looking at the headstones with features unusual or revealing about the occupants and photographs. I imagine what they were like, their lives and stories.

If intuition guides me not to take a photo, I don’t. These felt positively inviting!

I hang around studying and peering into their photo a long while. I could just feel the love. She’s not alive, he is. He's 86. I wonder where he is. I'd like to sit down and talk with him about love, marriage, life and more.

I wander to the Greek quarters. Athena Dische has an attractive and warm face. Looks like someone I’d like to meet. Yia yia means grandmother.

Pano Koumantaros – I love his pic. Was he a restaurateur? A caterer? His gravesite is marvelously tended for a man who passed some years ago.



The happy markers bring into perspective that life is to be celebrated … or put another way, it matters less how you died than than how you lived.

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