snippets from Tacoma

Snippet un

There's this painting long sitting in a storefront window in downtown Tacoma.


The price tag:

So that there's no confusion that that's Fidel Pino Barber, possibly related to the great American composer Samuel Barber:

For the longest time there stood in the window a bad, faded and assuredly dusty oil reproduction, on particle board, of a Van Gogh portrait, too priced at $500. It's no longer there. Could it mean it was sold?! Not likely.

Here's the Old City Hall in the painting. It's a magnet to those with and without cameras and teeming with tales, including of one resident ghost named Gus.

Snippet deux

This textured scene caught my eye.

This man paced along the fence before coming to rest.

He was intriguing in his long black coat and smoking his cigarette. He stood like this a good while, moving only to bring the smoke sandwiched between two fingers to his lips.

No one crossed his path and he spoke to no one. Never checked his watch, neither pulled out a cell phone, which is quite remarkable and sad social commentary.

I deduced he was waiting for the streetcar. I wanted to see the face observed from afar through a camera lens, perhaps strike up a conversation so I quickened up the hill to where he stood.

Alas, the streetcar did arrive. From half a block down I watched his black coat float into the streetcar. My eyes searched the windows as the car glided past. I didn't see him. Could the man in the black coat have been a figment of my imagination?

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