touring Tacoma

Continuing the tour of Tacoma …

These are concrete seats on a university campus. They don’t seem practical for conversing or comfortable. Perhaps they were designed that way since it’s the designated smoking area.  

And why is it that only one, indicated by the little arrow upper left, is a suitcase and the rest are just slabs of concrete?

How do you not stop and admire this retro chair outside a shop on Antiques Row?

The shop guy said lots of folks pause to take a photo or sit in it. It was actually quite comfortable!

It's been sold. The purchaser is gonna reupholster it and I’ve been assured she’s not using some drab color.

After that chair, I just had to poke around inside. Ohmigawd, the stuff they have, so fun!

This old pic high on a wall:

A retro nightlite that I adored!:

You win the Maytag washer-dryer set if you identify this showstopper:

Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Hint 3:

Right-o! A hair curler from the early 1900s. I can only exclaim ouch! and pass the olive oil! Come up with $325 and it’s yours. 

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