tasty tidbits from Tacoma

Tacoma’s a town of grit, color and charms.

One rare fine day, I strapped on the camera to follow my wandering feet and eyes to the tidbits that make Tacoma, well, Tacoma!

The town has a flair for creative signage:

Those are glass baubles:

Opera Alley. Ohhhh, I can still hear the stamping rumbling footsteps of the sailors and prostitutes, drunks, performers and purveyors and partakers of recreation in the sidewalks:

Surprise! What not long ago was a dilapidated block now offers a tiny park:

You can pass something a dozen times and barely notice. Funny what you see when you've got a camera (still celebrating after 14 years without!!!) …

This building has a rich (and haunted) history worthy of a post. How is it that on a building this large, only one apartment has a balcony?!

The Broadway Performing Arts Center has cool windows:

Love how they took a standard mannequin and made a Pinocchio of him! (and dig the effect of the reflections):

Friday sidewalk chalk art:

A relic in downtown Tacoma! Pretty groddy. No coin in the coin return.

Because when you live in Pacific Northwest dreary GRAY, you fall to your knees and shout hallelujah! in the presence of blue sky and yellow. (And you photograph it to remember under 10 months of cloud cover):

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