Holy begonias, Batman!

You could call it flower power with punch.

Around 300 million punches be exact.

Feast your eyes on the Carpet of Flowers.

The event, started in 1971, is held in August on even-numbered years in Grand Place, Brussels.

It brings together begonias by the millions and a hundred gardening crafters.

First, a reproduction of an actual carpet commemorating significant events or a town’s arms and shield is commissioned and scale models created.

The design is transferred to transparent plastic perforated to create a micro-humid climate that helps maintain floral freshness and color.

No soil is used, only plastic, laid across the cobblestones, and rolled astroturf that's set between the flower patterns.

On the day of display, weavers spend about four hours packing the begonias one by one at a ratio of about 300 stems per square meter.

The tightness enables them to withstand the breezes. If it’s hot and dry, the turf is watered to prevent shrinkage. Wet weather and the turf springs quickly! No lawn mowers permitted!

Belgium is the world's large producer of begonia tubers, cultivating 60 million a year. The Netherlands, France and the United States are its best customers.


Never mind tip-toeing through the tulips, my feet yearn to bounce across the begonias!

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