soul retrieval

I threw a surprise package party and two people came.

A joyful day, Saturday was, a day of just enormous gratitude, a day 16 years in coming.

A camera, and my first digital, came back into my life.

I was going to write about the experience and effusive joy of having a camera again and my right arm back and a piece of my soul.

The Vox party fizzled so I scrubbed it.

None noticed either the second clue and part to the surprise, the posting of pictures. (!) (Fishies, practice day one.)

Party poopers! A lonely and sad party it was.

The secret’s out, the mystery's revealed.

Dear Camera, It’s you and I. Welcome into my life. We have much to see and experience and learn together. May our road be long and our journey safe.

The view seen more than any other – from my laptop through the room’s one window; that sky's a denser gray than it appears!

Muscley 3M double-sided tape used in a pinch to replace Frost King's crappy tape. Those squares can hold weight! I'd never get them off had I not applied masking tape first to protect the painted frames.

My neighbor’s window film:

Notice the right side:

My window film:

Living things struggle to stay alive inside and outside my apartment of sorrows, grief, loss and death:

On the right's the kitchen window; thereabouts in the crawl-space is home to the rats.

That wall between the two windows and the earth beneath has bad juju. I’d write the stories if anyone except intuitives and ghosthunters (update: and Aubrey) believed me. Definitely baaaaaad juju.

BTW, that's water staining alongside window left but might as well be blood for all the violence my place has seen!

I'm going to so loooove having a camera again.

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