Pass the rye whiskey. And the pliers. Pleeeeeease.

My teeth aren’t this bad.

They only feel like it.

Last night I was in horrible pain. Shooting, stabbing, pervasive, take your pick, all were present. I reached for assorted remedies:

  • Exedrin pain reliever
  • Super thorough brushings
  • Uber flossing with floss dipped in a solution hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
  • An oil of oregano rinse
  • A warm salt water rinse
  • A warm paper towel compress along the gums
  • A slice of garlic to kill bacteria and germs
  • A shot of rye whiskey

Only the whiskey brought any comfort. Temporarily.

Longtime readers may remember my writing about bad teeth quite some time ago. These are those same two molars/gums. They've not improved with time's passing.

There are plenty of ripple consequences to poverty and joblessness that you don’t think of, especially those of you employed, and ill teeth and periodontal disease are two. When people don't have money, dental care becomes an unaffordable luxury.

That reminds me of a blurb on the radio the other week. Dentists are reporting a surge in patients presenting severe conditions and specifically cracked teeth. They attribute it to the shit economy. People are stressed so there's more jaw-clenching and teeth grinding at night.

I’m sure all that’ll go away and we’ll all be fine and dandy and healthy if Obamacare goes into full effect. NOT!

Back to the dilemma. Lack of funds has forced me to keep dental care on a back burner. Call  me crazy but rent had to take precedence. But the pain's kicked up several notches, it's intense, constant and crazymaking now. These teeth may be lost if they don't get the care they need. I simply can't afford to wait now. So I'm digging deep for those few dimes. The rest'll have to go on a payment plan (my skilled wonderful dentist offers one) that I'm loathe to do for reasons that are none of your damn business!

I'm the Dental Queen. I've had 10 lifetimes of extensive work that started at age 6. In all those years, I've never anticipated those half dozen Novacaine shots with the glee I do today!

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