Out of the closet and into the battle

Freedoms and liberties are under assault, our pursuit of happiness threatened and our futures bleak beneath the dark force emanating from the capitol and spreading across the country.

"Fascism can't happen here," thought the Germans. Wrong.
"Socialism can't happen here," thought Americans. Wrong.

The beast has landed and he wants your soul and your liberties, your livelihoods, your powers of choice and decision-making. He wants you and your children and he will stop at nothing to feed his bloated ego and toxic belly.

I am an American by birth. First and foremost, however, I am an individual, a human being, a spirit and a soul in physical vehicle.

The Germans during the ascent of Hitler were gravely mistaken in the pursuit of recovery from a country wasted by economic demise and lost in a sociopolitical vacuum. They fell under the spell of a charismatic and powerful orator. Generations later and generations into the future, they live in the ashes of their own ignorance, turn of a blind eye, belief in false promises from a dictator and conviction that the shadow could not happen there.

It is happening in America and it is happening now.

I am passionate about politics and have been since childhood. For the most part for various reasons, I've stayed in the closet and steered clear of social and political matters on Vox or bringing these passions and insights, observations, prognostications, wisdom and intelligence to this blog. There's nothing lonelier than being far ahead of the curve and knowing that no one is listening.

People are finally awakening and with the turn of the corner Sunday, I can stifle my voice no longer and no more than could that German who recognized the roll of dark toxic peril and battled it by hiding a Jew or a Pole or an artist, even at his own risk.

Fascism, socialism and tyranny can happen here. They are happening now.

My political passions, yes, and more chiefly my human passions and sensibilities that smell bullshit and danger at their most subtle and faintest across even thousands of miles signal that it's time to jump aboard.

As of yesterday, I'm a proud member of the Tea Party. I can hardly wait for the April 15 rally at my state's capitol!

and, equally, to contribute my finest self and skills where they can best serve in the protection of liberty and light.

I'm in the good fight because I must be. I'm no coward, no dummy and I'm no socialist.

I'm a fighter for human individuality, freedom, life, choice and liberty. And that is that.

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