a beach, a banana daiquiri, a break from blogging

My great pleasure in blogging is the writing.

It requires work, dedication and commitment to maintain a blog of quality through the years. It's a labor of love.

Not far behind the love of the writing are the interactions, the relating between neighbors, the quips, comments and commentary of a community.

I'm a good neighbor, loyal, faithful and constant and supportive through my presence and comments. I don't like others to feel alone, because I know how it feels, so most often I make it a point to leave a footprint or a thumbprint so others will know they were read and heard and feel acknowledged and supported.

Reciprocity. A word I contemplate a great deal with blogging. Truth is, I've grown weary of being the giver and supportive for so many and receiving less (sometimes much less) in return. It's an imbalance that is not new but presently is acute and painful. It's signaling that it's time to step away for a while, rethink and process the disappointments and imbalalnces, which'll perhaps create a new place of arrival. It's time for a vacation and since an actual one's out of the question, an imaginary mental one will do. It's an open ticket so sip from it too if you wish. Be well. Ciao for now.

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