As annoying chef Emeril would say: Bam! Dining kicked up a notch.

Would you mind having free bread rolls heaved your direction?

Then don't dine at Lambert's Cafe in Missouri.

Or how do ya feel about catching your own fish for your meal? Or dining by candlelight and Mozart in a medieval monastery where dishes of the 17th and 18th century are served?

One of my bookmarks is most unusual restaurants in the world. Some are … unique.

There’s the New York restaurant where the staff were twins and was called, of all things, Twins. It’s since closed.

You can still catch something similar at the Hobbit House, in Manila, where the staff are dwarfs.

A number of eateries around the world offer dining in the dark, often with blind waitstaff. Dunno how that works. I'd be inclined to carry a flashlight. Or in the least a matchbook.

There's places in Japan and China where patrons may release their anger. I may need to pay them a visit after dealing with the rats problem.

Or the place with no waiters. Meals are ordered on touch screens and transported on special tracks directly to the tables in Nurnberg, Germany. Those Germans, ever the model of efficiency (to that I can attest).

Or head to a spot in Chicago where servers are dressed in character – whatever that means – and dance on counters and may have amusing “attitudes” – again, whatever that means.

Seems only natural to follow up a visit in the city of criminal politicians and gangsters with a meal at a prison-themed restaurant – locations around the world including Germany and Japan. (I'd be more fearful locked up in the latter.)

If on the inside you come to seek prayer and serenity or perhaps God, then saunter directly to where missionary nuns may sing at your supper.

Or if your tastes run on the wilder side, visit the Masoch Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine. Its masochism theme is in memory of local Sacher-Masoch. Wonder how many times they've been asked: "Can the chef whip up something exquisite?"

After that, a visit to Canada's Le Spirit Lounge seems in order. If you don’t finish your plate, you get a fine.

Or, if you’d rather abuse that's verbal, the Grouchy Chef in Mukilteo, Washington (my neck of the woods) is the place to go. Signs expressing policy in no uncertain terms plaster the walls and the Japanese  man running the show is "temperamental.” Perhaps he was the inspiration for Seinfeld’s soup nazi? {Anyhow, read one review that's too good not to post so perhaps soon …}

If that leaves you with acids churning in the stomach, relaxation can be achieved at a couple European breweries that offer beer baths.  

Or, simply, go to B.E.D.

Short for beverage.entertainment.dining, the Miami establishment features – you got it – beds instead of chairs. Now that’s fine dining.

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