Sha-a-rry, Sha-a-a-a-a-ary (oh) baby!

"Smell me," reads the sign beside the flower in the small conservatory up the road.

You needn't tell me twice. Or once. I'm an ardent fan of flowers. If I had a camera, they'd be my primary subject.

So I lean in.

Nooooo! It can't be … can it?!

Step back. Go in again.

Is it really?! Let me see!

The neurons in my brain fire off and shoot out information like the battalions at Waterloo.

I retreat, advance, retreat, advance. Fortunately there's no one behind waiting so I can partake repeatedly with abandon.

Goodness! It's true! Nose and brain do not deceive. It really is!

The fragrance of chocolate!

Introducing the Sharry Berry, an orchid in the Oncidium family:

And my oh my, if you're a chocoholic, then this is the bloom for you! And nary a calorie on the lips or hips either.

Its scent is striking yet subtle. As with any addiction, you can't help going back. I must've stood there inhaling a dozen times, not strictly for the sheer pleasure but to calculate its complex palette: a foundation of chocolate with traces of spicy white chocolate and vanilla.

I think. To be very, very sure, I'll need to return for further examination. A few hundred times. Wouldn't wanna mislead the peeps or anything.

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