The holidays are past, and you’re left with this …

You've seen these.

If you're like me, you've seen plenty enough to last a while.

The bloom may be off the rose poinsettia about now. Or fading fast. Do you know why you have a heck of a time getting it to rebloom?

From October 1 through December, the poinsettia needs 14 hours of continual darkness, per its native habitat of Central America and Mexico. It must be complete darkness provided by say a large black bag or box. Even stray light from the home or street lamp will thwart the rebloom.

Then in daytime during those three months, the poinsettia requires 6-8 hours of bright light and temperatures between 60-70 F. Anything lower can also interfere with the process.

The potted poinsettia is the common sight around the holidays, but did you know that in their native habitats they grow rather tall, past 14 feet (427cm)?

So there you have it. For those frowning as they prepare to kiss their poinsettias bye-bye, you know what's required so they may live to bloom another holiday. For the rest, sure, you label it useless information now but you'll be thanking me when it puts you in the lead in Trivia Pursuit. Or you can just stick it under the cap. The flower cap but of course.

Disclaimer: Photographs are for informational or entertainment value only. None of the subjects is me. No actual or altered image of myself or any part thereof has appeared on this blog neither shall it. These models were not paid, to my knowledge. I do not know them nor they me, to my knowledge. Any resemblance to you, particularly if it is actually you, is purely unintentional and coincidental and in such case I am not liable for any pose or representation that you deem unflattering.

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