on breakfast, bread and a baker once behind bars named Dave

Habits are like people. Some should be dropped like, well, a bad habit, and others allowed to remain in our lives for their goodness.

I’m not a morning person, neither a breakfast eater. Left to my natural rhythms, i.e., when I’m not serving as a cog in another’s wheel, I hit the hay in the wee hours, arise around noon and require between two and seven hours up and around for an appetite to kick in.

Late last year during a personal crisis, I implemented a sea change, birthed a new habit. I committed not only to a truly healthful diet and greens each day, I began eating breakfast.

Was it easy? The heck it was!

Initially I forced myself, persevered and it's paid off in numerous ways.

Sweets first thing in the day have all the appeal of rotting figs. If you’ve ever seen rotting figs, how they fall to the ground and turn all mushy and black and covered in ants, you know of what I speak; the others will have to rely on imagination.

No sweets, I’m a proteins person. The single egg is a creation of beauty. I like soft-boiled and yolk runny. I switch it up with the hard-boiled-turned-egg-salad on a slice of toast.

Toast. Let me talk of toast.

Straight away, I’m not a breads person. At all. One loaf in the fridge will last two months. Or more.

That is, until I met Dave. Dave changed everything. Let me tell you about Dave. Better, let Dave tell you:

    I was a four-time loser before I realized I was in the wrong game. 15 years in prison is a pretty tough way to find onself, but I have no regrets.
    This time around, I took advantage of all those long and lonely days by practicing my guitar, exercising and getting to know myself — without drugs.
    To my utter amazement, I started liking what I was seeing. It’s been said adversity introduces a man to himself and I found this to be true. If I had not suffered, I can safely assure you that you would not be reading this label on a loaf of my killer bread.
    A whole lot of suffering has transformed an ex-con into an honest man who is doing his best to make the world a better place … one loaf of bread at a time.

Those are the words from ex-con Dave on his packages of Dave’s Killer Bread.

I discovered it at a Costco food demo. First sample, toasted, and I was hooked; thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Speaking of which, the package reads: Heavenly Texture and Saintly Flavor. He keeps his word.

Dave’s Killer bread is the best I’ve eaten. It's all I buy and it definitely doesn't sit in the fridge for months. Untoasted, it’s delish; toasted, it’s out of this world. It packs punches from every which direction in nutrition and flavor. The list of nuts in the Good Seed variety reads like packaged bird seed.

Dave the ex-con and his killer bread keep me on the straight and narrow far as breakfast is concerned. His story should be an inspiration to us all; it and much more can be partaken at his cool site, daveskillerbread.com.

Exceptionally good bread; like he says, "just say no to bread on drugs!" Cool dude and special person. Moving story. There you are. High praises from one not easily impressed.

Good on ya, Dave! Just as you introduced a sea change for betterment, so have I. Thanks in no small part to your fantastico bread, I’m now an affirmed breakfast eater and better for it.

Rock – and bake – on, Dave! May the seeds you plant return goodness in bounty.

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