a moment of silence for one … and for six

Another fallen officer. Mourning.

We are mourning this moment, as I write, sheriff's deputy Kent Mundell. We, the men and women in blue and the community, are paying tribute to deputy Mundell in a long procession and memorial at the Tacoma Dome.

Deputy Mundell was shot while responding to a domestic dispute.

He is the sixth officer felled in the line of duty within less than two months in Puget Sound, in my area.

Some may have heard about the four police officers who were gunned down in a cafe as they began their shifts on a Sunday morning of Thanksgiving weekend.

They were slain by Maurice Clemmons, a man with a long criminal background who never should have been released back to the streets. That tragedy took place where I live.

Only weeks earlier, up the road, Seattle officer Tim Brenton was fatally gunned down while sitting in the patrol car with his trainee, who was injured.

That's five men and one woman who wear the blue lost and buried during the holidays.

I felt and marched in step with the grieving for the Lakewood fallen four. The outpouring of responses from the men and women who serve their communities across the country up into Canada and regular follk from near and far surpassed anything imaginable.

I watched the procession and memorial broadcast live from the Tacoma Dome. I will not blog about it; it was profoundly moving and touched my soul's deepest recesses. I remain inexpressibly honored and saddened to have been witness to and part of an event of such magnitude and proportion. (To my experience, the closest comparison was the Kennedy assassination.)

On this day, beneath skies laden thick with grey and on earth wetted with rain, deputy Kent Mundell is remembered and commemorated. We grieve, we honor, we mourn, we join together, we respect, we thank you and we pay tribute to you … to your family … to the Lakewood four … and to the Seattle officer … the six shot to death in the line of duty.

Our hearts break and our tears fall as we hold hands over our hearts and to our heads in honorable salute.

The Lakewood fallen four

In Seattle:

God bless you, each and every one.

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