The next Steven Tyler come 2030?

Well, there's a kid who if his name bears out will be a wanderer. Or perhaps a gangster.

Just read that the first birth of 2010 in my county was a boy, who arrived 46 minutes past midnight. Since it was a water birth, the parents named him Ronin, a Japanese word meaning "wave man."

However, it's not in the sense they interpreted or intended. The "wave" — the ro, the first character — in Ronin means "wanderer" … as in that which is moving without roots.

It's another attempt by American parents to be cool by assigning an Eastern name without awareness; (a frequent occurrence with tats too). Had the Caucasian couple done the homework, they'd have bowed away from Ronin. It means "samurai without a master."

In Japan's feudal history, that wasn't a good thing. Samurai who lost their masters, through the master's death, the samurai's dismissal or defeat of the clan, were destined for difficulty. Ronin wandered as outcasts struggling to survive. Some served as mercenaries, working for whomever would pay; many became outlaws.

So the parents did the kid no favors by the name. Best we can hope for for the little tyke (short of an improbable name change) is that he find a way to make the outlaw rootless wandering work. A career as a rock star may await.

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