What ‘ales’ Jack? Blandness.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Goes for beer too.

We’re in autumn. And that means pumpkin spice beer.

Yesterday the mood for the first seasonal brew struck and rather than drive across town, I opted to walk to the community market where prices dictate my purchases.

After studied perusal, I selected:

Only back home did I notice the label's small print: Brewed by Michelob – Anheuser Busch. Yech and whoops. Rare that I buy from American powerhouses like Anheuser-Busch (maker of Bud) and Miller. For a lil' extra cash, there’s tastier and more satisfying brews to be enjoyed, especially in my neck of the woods -  microwbrew country.

Nonetheless, I gave Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale an unprejudiced fair shot.

Verdict: It’s doubtful you’ll find this in my fridge again.

A bottle produces a nice-looking pour – a clear, light amber with a pleasing foamy head, albeit of short duration, and adequate lacing.

And I love the label. Charming.

Still, no judging a book by its cover. The label reads “seasonal spices including nutmeg cinnamon, ginger and clove.”

Good by me! If only they were detectable – by nose or tongue.

There was no subtle pumpkin flavor. Best it delivered was a mild zing, possibly from the cloves or ginger. A search for the hops proved fairly futile. The mouthfeel was bland. It went down easily, yes. Then so does water.

It's not the worst beer I’ve tasted, neither did it send me dancing through the pumpkin patch.

Best feature about this beer is its label. Kudos to the art department. As for a bewitching brew, keep looking …

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