What’s buggin’ ya?

Between the ghosts and the bugs, it’s like a scene for a Hitchcock film 'round here.

A couple nights ago about 2.30 a.m. I went to my building’s door. And to my horror discovered hundreds upon hundreds of bugs swarming in the hallway around the lightbulb.  They looked like big black ants with transparent wings.

"Forget that, I ain’t goin’ outside, opening the door to let more in or wade through that sea of bugs,"  I thought, so I reversed direction and returned home, brushing any potential freeloaders off my hair and shirt.

Next day, hundreds upon hundreds of bug corpses lay on the carpeted hallway. And each time the door’s opened, they only roll and tumble farther into the building.

The landlord vacuums at midweek – still days away. So I took matters into my own hands and with broom and dustpan swept up the carnage:

Most were dead; a few weren’t. If you look closely, you can ascertain the glint of wings (as ever, apologies for lousy cell-phone pic quality) and one straggler at upper left crawling from the pile. Which was unceremoniously dumped beside a bush and doused with a kettle of water; broom and dustpan meanwhile rest in a water-bleach solution.

Why didn’t I vacuum? I’ll tell you why:

(1) It’s a yukko machine abandoned in a basement at my former cleaning job and I had no vacuum and needed one so … but the damn thing spits out particles and I don’t want bits of insect wings and bodies scattered every which way onto my floors. Who does?

(2) It has no paper bag, only the fabric one, and as Heloise of Hints from Heloise fame or any expert housekeeper (inc. myself) will tell you, you get those ground-up wings and legs into fabric and there's no gettin' 'em out.

Uh huh, the spirit of Hitchcock should be arriving any day …

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