on pixie cuts ‘n’ cupcakes

Mark my words, the pixie cut's the next trend.

How can I say this with such assurance? Because through no intent or fault of my own, I do something with my hair and six months later the masses follow. This has happened time after time.

I've seen it happen with my clothes too – though not quite to the same extent – where I'll start wearing some item or some item a certain way – and boom! … six months later it hits the streets. I attribute that partly to the timelessness of my "fashions" — meaning that I dress now exactly as I have since I was little (only in larger sizes) so it's statistically inevitable that eventually my clothes will fall in and out of fashion.

But the hair thang … I've changed that up way more than the clothes. I'm a bellwether. So start watching the women's magazines, ads and celebrity styling. You'll see. The pixie's comin'.

Speaking of, for a certain IvysGK and others curious how the cut turned out, here's a reasonable proxy on a woman I never found attractive:

In other news:

We're in the throes of a typical Pacific Northwest summer: Today's overcast and a cool 64 (17.7 C) degrees with ground wet from showers. And tomorrow I have a potluck. In a park. Of course.

I'm bringing dessert but have yet to decide what. Money's tight so there's reason to make due with supplies on hand. I'm thinking a streusel Bundt cake or cocoa brownies. Or cupcakes for our climate:

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