Me getting up before the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Repeat: Before.

My attempts these past two days at artificially becoming a day person ahead of tomorrow’s trial barista training gig at 6.30 in the a.m. have been not too successful.

This is because the powerful nocturnal energy is not easily switched off without drugs a bottle of wine a whopping whomp on the noggin loads of repressive practice.  

Take last night. I was shooting to be in bed at an early 1 a.m. and awaken at 7.30 a.m. to move me in the general direction of where I need to be tomorrow. Whose wake-up time I’m terrified to even think about so “before dawn" shall suffice.

Midnight rolls ‘round and while I’m sleepy from the measly 40 winks night prior, my energy’s strong and ascending.

Two a.m. arrives and I’m wide awake, bursting with energy and like “shit, much as I’d love to keep playing, I gotta try to get some sleep.”

Light’s switched off maybe 3 a.m. So much for hittin’ the hay early.

So rather than move my planned alarm time to a later hour, I take the tack of sleep deprivation, banking on two consecutive nights of it upping the odds of catching some shut-eye at least being in bed midnight tonight. Won't pin high hopes on it though 'cause it's common to catch a second wind between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. Anyhow, that's the plan.

It’s totally unreal imagining that very shortly I’ll be up before dawn. That won’t even be me though, it’ll be some alien I’ll invite in and to whom I’ll lend my body while I continue in dreamtime. The alien will move my body from point A to B in a vehicle, see that I arrive at the job on time, acquire training and conduct conversations until the real me appears around noon. That’s the plan.

I’m dreading the time zone/sleep shock more than the 100 mistakes I’ll make on day one as a trainee facing the pressure of 70 lawyers and state employees demanding fancy morning java.

Speaking of which, caffeine shall not be my solution to rev the engine on the morrow, reason being I gave it up within this past year. It was causing jitters, nervousness, nausea. Oh, I still drink the hard stuff as a treat at a cafe but at home it's now strictly decaf (and btw, big improvement).

Only two questions remaining: What'll it feel like arising while it's still dark and I'm in the dead zone, and which alien shall I invite in my stead. Stay tuned, more to come.

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