I scream, you scream, we all scream ‘sucky ice cream!’

Everyone’s talking about the heat.

Like just last night, KIRO radio, based in Seattle, selected it as the topic of its call-in show. “Whaddya think, is it hot? Or not?” It was like 97 (36C) yesterday and they were forecasting possibly 100 (37.7C) today. So I called in. “What a bunch of weather wimps!” I enthused. The host cracked up. To his questions I replied I’d lived in deserts where it was routinely 115+ (46.1C) and a cool 90 (32.2C) at midnight. So these temps ain't no reason to get the panties in a twist. He so liked my "weather wimps" he said he was gonna use it. I said please do and I wouldn’t even request royalties.  

By the way, I hate the heat. I'm a water baby. It's why I live in the cool Pacific Northwest. Yet if I hear one more moan about how hot it is at a hundred, I’m gonna scream!

Speaking of which, I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. Until. Well, read on:

Parmesean cheese. Not just for pastas anymore:

Meeting the daily requirement for vegetables, Salad ice cream, from Japan, with red and orange peppers, cucumber and tomato:

Chicken-fried steak ice cream. Simple recipe. Take greasy gunk left after cooking up chicken-fried steak. Make the ice cream. Use in place of gravy. Barfing is optional.

Ox tongue ice cream. Another concoction from Japan. The graphic sorta sums it up:

Oyster ice cream. Word is that classes of colonial America treated themselves to this one. Thankfully I wasn’t there:

And those ices from Japan keep on comin’! Here's fish ice cream, made with sanma — Pacific saury. The sanma kanji translate as fall (autumn), sword and fish. Appropo since after ingesting you wanna fall belly up on the nearest sword:

Pit Viper ice cream. You gotta credit that Japanese ingenuity:

Astronaut ice cream. Freeze-dried dessert developed for astronauts. Reportedly a seller at some space museum. Too cloying to describe it as out of this world?


Cold Sweat ice cream:

The invention of this guy in North Carolina with perhaps too much time on his hands, Cold Sweat is made with three kinds of hot peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. It’s so spicy, a touch turns the fingers hot. C'mon, it's ice cream. How hot can it be? Well, he requires customers to sign a waiver. No tastes to anyone under 18 without consent of a guardian, pregnant women and those with health problems. That hot.

Finally, raw horse meat ice cream — basashi in Japanese. Derived in a region where raw horse sashimi (which btw I’ve had) is the specialty. Maybe the Japanese should stick to building fine automobiles. Cute lil' fella on the container though.

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