now for something a little different

Near the daily I write from the day's prompt presented in my writer's book. Normally they're for no one's eyes but mine and the divine's but this one completed somehow had blog written on it.

June 29 writing prompt: Write about high tide.

Wheeee!! The water rides like a roller coaster, twisting and turning upon itself, tossing me to and fro in playful turbulence.

Whoosh! Here comes another wave! Wheeeeehaw!! That’s a good one! The force of the water nearly drives me into the floor of the shore.

The sea flattens then rises again, swelling and gaining in force and in size, ferrying shells from their beds, its undertow yanking little children off their feet and dispatching scurrying crabs toward safety. The water blossoms and balloons before bellowing in an ecstatic crashing upon the sands in a rhythmic ceaseless dance for millennia.

The ocean is instructed by none but the moon; I am instructed by the sea. My fate, my

very survival, are dictated by none other. Here arrives another pulling, another swelling, another cresting and crashing … the verse sung a billion times and to be heard a billion more.

Wheeeehoooooooo!! go I as I spill about recklessly with wild abandon toward the high tide. I am a barnacle in journey, loosed from an ancient shipwreck in unknown and unseen caverns deep by the magnetic forces of luna and liquid.

So the next time you come upon an encrusted creature on the shore revealed by the low tide, extend a greeting. It may be me deposited on that grainy plate after a thrilling ride of untold distance and time.

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