on moving on, movies and moving, maybe

I’m cleaned out. On cleaning. On the professional level.

I’ve intuited that for a while and yesterday it was confirmed when I went up to L.’s former apartment (she being the one with all the clutter whose abode I agreed to clean).

Well, the entire place had been repainted and new floors laid so it wasn’t a massive job, only a couple hours.

Still, my enthusiasm was as flat as a Coke left sitting in a can for a week.  I’ve got a good handle on why. I still love to clean — my space. And really think I’m done cleaning spaces of others. I’m not nearly as passionate about it as I once was. Chalk it up to been there done that, wholly and fully. Time to move on.

* * *

There’s a movie on tap tonight. “My Life in Ruins,” from the same writer of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

One site summarizes it thusly: Georgia (Nia Vardalos) has lost her kefi (Greek for mojo). Discouraged by her lack of direction in life, she works as a travel guide, leading a ragtag group of tourists as she tries to show them the beauty of her native Greece. While opening their eyes to an exotic foreign land, she too begins to see things in new ways — finding her kefi in the process.

It’s just opened at the historic Blue Mouse theater and I’m going with a hodgepodge of fellow movie fans. On Tuesdays it’s $4 – a steal! Dunno whether I’ll be able to sit it through. I don’t like more than half a dozen people in a theater and I HATE the sound of popcorn being eaten (my sister shares this same affliction of sensitivity). So it’s a gamble going. Any film titled “My Life in Ruins” is one I should see.

* * *

My building’s witnessing an exodus, like many others; people are on the move. My two girlfriends have vacated. An unknown fellow with a studio that I looked at and won’t take. And, I’ve learned, the dude right above me. His is also a studio. I’ve not yet been given the tour and I can’t wait!

On the one hand, it’d be a move up, literally and symbolically, and out of these old maid’s and very haunted quarters. On the other, I'd no longer be in direct line of the birds feeding and I so love that. There’s no harm in checking it out.

He anticipates leaving in July – nearly already here! Where’s the year gone? Seems like only yesterday in January I was lamenting the lack of jobs. Oh, I was. I with millions of others. Never mind. Enjoy your day. Especially you lucky dogs with employment.

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