Psychedelic Pyro

Notice that's psychedelic, not psycho, and do I or do I not post the pic.

That's the million-dollar question this morning since it costs a buck for every photo transmission from my cell phone. A buck's a lot when jobless and struggling to survive.

So after thinking on it for a few days, I decided the pic's worth the price to share this very cool item I found at the Goodwill. Talking on it reminds me of my junior year on the high school newspaper. I was a page editor and often sat at this large old wooden desk, the sort you'd now likely find at an antique shop or Goodwill, speaking of thrift stores.

And time to time I'd be found relaxing, feet propped up, shoeless no doubt, staring at half a dozen or so candles burning on the desk. I'd ground them upright with a little pool of hot wax. Hence my nickname pyro amongst the staff.

So anyway, I unearthed this from the pile of candles at the Goodwill and am instantly charmed. Oh yeah, a keeper! Not to everyone's taste, granted; it definitely appeals to mine. I was also fortunate enough to find a plate from the stacks and stacks that matches (in my funky world of fashion)!

Plate was only 59¢ and the candle 99¢! A steal for hours of visual and burning  pleasure! So enjoy the special pic. By the way, the candle, it's huge! Hence the can of V-8 juice, for perspective. (Had no cans of beer, only bottles.)


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