Holy hurricane, Batman!

Aside from him being perhaps certifiably crazy, I’ve given up trying to describe my coworker, the 20-year-old Gordon Ramsay wannabe.

Tonight only confirmed that my responses to his continuous outbursts, putdowns and insults matter not, he's a hurricane force. I could arrive in the best of protective rain gear and galoshes with an umbrella designed to withstand the gusting winds or in bikini and barefoot with a bottle of wine tucked under an arm and in the end it's all the same. As the sun shines, so the hurricane rips and tears. It is what it is.

Wonder whether there'd be objections if I start showing up at work in this simple white gown and scarf in place of a white chef's coat and my yellow and blue floral banana. Because for the holy patience I'm exhibiting, I'm third behind this woman:

 Still gotta work on that belief in God part.

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