Stuff: scary! Clutter: chilling!

You know the lyric from the song "War" that goes: "War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"?

A tweaked version's singing in my head: "Stuff! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"

A neighbor in the building is relocating to the next town and last week I scanned her stuff and offered suggestions from my vast experience and expertise in moving.

These pics aren’t of her place but are like it x 5:

L.’s a wonderful woman but organizing and simplifying are not her forte. She had some boxes, not nearly enough, and was relocating on the fly. It showed when I opened her kitchen cupboards and met with this, prompting again the incredulous question: "You're moving in two days?!"

I bowed out of helping, which was a first. I’ve moved something like 38 times and understand well how much work it is, so whenever I hear someone's relocating, even a stranger, I immediately pitch an offer to assist.

I opted out because  L.’s place was overwhelming with Stuff and there was no system in place, unless getting things from Point A to Point B, the large rental truck, in any manner, shape and form possible could be construed as one.

Today she tracked me down to see whether I'm interested in cleaning the vacated space for cash. In the process I got roped into pitched in to get the remainder out. Without boxes. Without bags. Without containers. Whatever you could carry in two arms down two flights and across the street into a disorganized heap in the truck. Heaving permissible.

I mean, we were carrying down baskets with broken bottoms containing opened jars of pencils and some kid's toy inside that began when its button got accidentally pushed and an unbound rug and random LPs and loose blankets and shoeboxes that may or may not contain footwear.

It was an operation fit for Laurel and Hardy. We got the stuff out though, I mean Stuff.

Heading home, I chuckled again how my dozen boxes that to me are mountainous would to another be a lofty goal, a dream.

This is one of the scariest sights I stumbled across online; I suffocate looking:

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