trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind

There's reserve as in reserve a room … and reserve as in Black Velvet Reserve Canadian whisky.

And it's the latter in my brain tonight.

Talk about timing! In the day's (prior) post, I'd penned an update about the new job and the various displays of the Mercury retrograde under which it was begun and then deleted it.

Just as well because after tonight, it'd have become dated; a fresh element in the form of a new employee has just been introduced that may abruptly alter the working landscape (Merc retro!). Tonight's shift was a bit like being hit by a bus and thus the Black Velvet Reserve, the medicine du momente. Mixed with icy diet 7-Up on a late temperate night, it's rater refreshing.

Funny now that pet pavilion called when it did; what initially looked like a no go may end up a solution to a problem. I'll know more when the woman in charge returns my call.

Three weeks into the job and changes appear afoot. Mercury retro. In the meantime, I'm contemplating one question: Are four shots in 2-1/2 hours too many?

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