actual ads that don’t beg for fast-forwarding!

Foreign ads, especially European, seem more sophisticated and clever than their American counterparts.

Found these cool ones that show originality and thinking outside the box.

Do you remember fun at bath time as a kid? So does JWT Frankfurt, advertising the “extra strong” Priorin shampoo.

“Splash of paint” is kicked up several notches at the Brussel's agency, TBWA, that created this ad for paint maker Levis. It has eye appeal and sex appeal – no easy feat in marketing paint.

This giant sticker was on the floor at a Jakarta shopping center. When viewed from the upper levels, the people walking on this ad for Frontline Flea and Tick Spray look like fleas. Perwanal Saatchi & Saatchi agency in Jakarta, Indonesia, gets the credit.

Australian T-Shirt brand Goatboy. whose slogan is “irony will set you free,” came up with T-shirt of Princess Diana with the message: “She’s dead, so get over it.” About time someone spoke up.

This here lady Ella, who once lounged in Sydney's center, has skin soft as a peach, literally. She’d better, some 24,000 peaches were used in her creation. A nod to Ella Baché skin care proposing, as the sign reads, skin good enough to eat.

This print campaign by NSW Police in Australia was aimed at increasing awareness of the high number of teens dying as a result of listening to iPods while crossing the roads.

This billboard's a traffic stopper. Approaching from a distance, the driver sees what appears to be a cop car hiding behind the billboard. He slows down enough to read the small print: “Pay your traffic tickets on time without waiting in line –” And to discover that the cop car is a cut-out. Effective ad from Isbank in Turkey.

Have a hat. On the streets of Germany from the renowned Fiona Bennet Millinery.

Pizza delivery! Of the ad anyhow. Created for Papa John's Pizza by Saatchi & Saatchi in Peru, this display of cleverness nabbed the gold at the Cannes International advertising awards. {round of applause}

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